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About Us

If you wouldn’t take your car repairs to a bicycle shop, then why trust your facial rejuvenation to anyone but a trained BOTOX® and JUVEDERM® doctor who, as a certified ENT doctor, specializes in the anatomy and physiology of the face and neck?

Dr. Meghan Brooking, Medical Director of BergerHenry ENT Facial Rejuvenation Center in Philadelphia, is an Otolaryngologist (ENT doctor), facial plastic surgeon, and facial rejuvenation specialist.

She is trained to observe and treat facial asymmetry and volume deficiencies using the most up-to-date aesthetic techniques and products.

Dr. Brooking provides personalized and professional consultations, allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable before, during and after treatments.

Together with the professional and expert staff at BergerHenry ENT Facial Rejuvenation Center, Dr. Brooking creates a warm and inviting environment, helping you to achieve your most youthful and rejuvenated self.